"Well, of course I could not pass up the opportunity to perform real science side by side with my Carlos! And so we approached the nearest tree; an old sagging thing, and began to perform tests — the nature and purpose of which I am not remotely qualified to describe.”
-Ep. 27 First Date


So i’m going to the Night Vale show in Dublin tomorrow and idk what the schedule really is or what so basically i’m gonna have something available in case theres an autograph oppurtunity, but i cant decide which to print and it’s between these two. Suggestions?

theshatteredsilhouette: "I really love the design of your female Loki! I've never seen anything quite like it before! The translucent skirt is fabulous, and the way the neckline crosses over, I just love that so much. Awesome job! :D"

oh wowww thank you so much. I was kind of trying to base it on the MCU Loki combined with aspects of the comic book Lady Loki, so idk if thats how it ended up looking but that was the source of the design basically. The skirt was actually my friends idea and wow she was right it works so well and it is so much fun to wear because it is SO SWOOSHY, i love it so much. The neckline believe it or not is part of the dress i didn’t even have to alter, that just worked out really well in terms of purchasing. Penney’s man, its the best.

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Belatedly posting photos from Dublin Comic Con haha that was in July it is now Hallowe’en sorry. Anyway this great Winter Soldier doesn’t have a tumblr but his name is Steven and he was really cool yes

Oops i did a Bucky cosplay. I definitely didn’t buy that coat just because it looked like Bucky. Nope. That is not the way i make decisions regarding money at all. Haha. Ha. Ha.

My Female Loki costume I wore to Dublin Comic Con this summer. I’m so picky, i’m already looking at stuff i want to change about it, but i like it over all so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i am bad at running an art blog because i want to post everything as soon as i finish it, and it means i end up trying to finish three piece projects in one night because i have precisely NO patience

did someone say hipster bucky?