"Most likely to be in the bathroom fixing his hair when he wins his first Oscar"

"Well… Yeah"


Happy Giga-Almost-Unpause, Probably!


Liking this so far but why did i decide to go with crosshatching? Who let me do this? This wasnt supposed to be a big project, jeeeez i was just aiming for a little sketch why does this keep happening?

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this started as just a little sketch to take a break from practicing Natashas but i have no self control and accidentally sort of finished it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I was thinkin about how cute it would be if Arthur’s ghost followed Merlin around being obnoxious for a thousand years but then i realised that actually it would be like ‘Looking at You Looking at Me’ in reverse and then i was sad.


hey i did a new theme check it out please i really like it

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Bucky wearing Cap merch and Steve wearing Bucky merch is very important to me. Natasha started it as a joke and Bucky acted all annoyed, but really Steve and Bucky both think its extremely cute.

buckys-thighs because this is partially your fault